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How to use them?

If you want to order the items (we can't sell some hot brand on our site))which weren't on our site ,you can send the pictures or link to our Instagram @wedosole or

mail us to

We will check stock for  you first and then tell you the price for them .

Step 1:

choose the quantity same as the price you need to pay .

Eg:if you need to pay for 119.99,you can choose the quantity as 120

Step 2:

Put the url of the items with size ,colors ,quantity and the url to the blank area

Step 3:

Add to cart,comeplete the order like other items on our site .

You can directly pay for us and send us the pics of the shoes you want through email or Instagram ,be sure you send them our official account 

 Instagram @wedosole


Thanks for your support 

The package had been marked as gift and decared the velue less than $50 to help adviod customs duties.

Note:Make sure to put the shipping & billing address are same with the cardholder's name,or not payment will fail!